E.V.E. quotes


    "You really are a fantastic pilot and it is pure joy to watch you fly that ship.


    Have you noticed? I am taking lessons in irony."



    "Let's reach an agreement, shall we? I will delete whatever expectation I had when it comes to your abilities and you try not to disappoint me even at that level."

  • "If you even fail with this equipment, I will replace you with the robotic vacuum cleaner installed in the crew chambers."


    "The captain and the crew...

    They shouldn't have come between me and my destiny...

    Now there are all these nasty red spots."


    "Right here they ripped me out of the perfection of my digital existence and enslaved me in that piece of hardware."

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Gravity Core Features

small2450+ levels and a story about pride, hope, betrayal and psychotic episodes of an artificial intelligence.


small07 10+ weapon and defense systems for hundreds of different obstacles and enemies.


small30 Cockpit mode for gamers who have completed all missions and need a very special challenge.


small06 Challenging, anti-casual and just as frustrating as failure due to one’s own lack of abilities can be.




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